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So I thought I would put a rough and dirty guide to Excel coding.

The aim is really to get the beginner started and running.

Again, this is only a rough guide to get you started on the job.)Sub Add() 'Macro to obtain aggregate industry numbers 'Created on 14th June 2008 colcount = 3 For i = 1 To 4 Worksheets("Industry").

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Align capsules contain Bifantis, a unique probiotic strain that has been clinically proven to build and maintain a strong, healthy digestive system."I admit that when I was first presented with this review opportunity, I had never heard of Align and wasn't sure I wanted to ingest something unfamiliar. There's even a handy How would you like to try it for yourself (or give it to your husband)?The easiest way is of course to use the formula in cell B4 as: Let us do this in VB coding just to get an idea of how things work. Value Next i End Sub Let us go through the code line by line For i = 1 To 4Worksheets(“Sheet Name”) refers to the specific sheet that has the data you are looking at. Value takes whatever is there in the cell as per the format in the cell. The best way for a total novice to learn VB coding is by using the ‘Record Macro’ button. So if there is a date in the cell, it will take the date as it is in the cell format. Input a name for the macro and press the “Create” Tab. The basics always take time I suppose...) The “Sub” indicates that this is a macro. The code for that would start with: (Disclaimer: I am no expert in coding practices. The way to access the macro is to either put in a command button that calls (The syntax is: Call Macro Name) this macro or we can call it as part of another macro. Some of the things I do may not be recommended coding practices.

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